Workshops, Professional Development, Keynote
Meeting Your Team
Keynote and Presentations
An engaging keynote presentation brings forward the emerging need for school-family-community partnerships on a very different level from the traditional parental engagement.  It makes participants re-evaluate many assumptions and old mental models as well as search for ways to move forward.

The interactive format will allow participants to pause, think, and discuss their thoughts with colleagues for an important paradigm shift. Keynotes are tailored to your schools’ specific needs.
Speaking Engagement
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The three-stage partnership-building framework allows each educator or leader to start where she/he is at the time with strategies that immediately can be put into practice. Interactive workshops utilize thinking routines/maps, discussions, role playing, and self-assessments.

Short workshops (1 hour) are focused on specific areas of a culture of partnerships formation and can be combined in a day-long workshop (6 hours)
Professional Development
Staff Training Opportunities
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I will work with your administrators, staff, and families to provide needs assessments, a recommended plan of action, and, if desired, assist with an actual implementation: developing action teams to plan and implement partnership activities; developing new inventories that define leadership and changes in schools and districts operating procedures and policies; training of staff and parent leaders; reaching school-affiliated and community organizations.

Projects vary.
Assessments and Designs
Consulting Options
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What your schools will gain from working with me

  • Enrich your leadership, programs, and practices with real topics on partnering with family and community
  • Energize school teams and district colleagues to meet important challenges to partner with all families
  • Establish knowledge of the assets and funds of knowledge available in the communities
  • Provide your staff with strategies to effectively work with families and communities through different stages of partnerships formation in your location
  • Develop basic skills to start, open, and grow a successful system of communication in building trusting relationships
  • Increase your district/school capacity to develop more effective programs and find opportunities for family and community partnerships around student learning and wellbeing at a classroom, school, and district level
  • Provide insights into important relationships and networks: family–teacher, administrator-parent leader, parent–parent relationships, and connections with community agencies and services 
  • Empower your leaders to use cultural forces to build a culture of partnerships, share decision making, control, and responsibility for learning outcomes
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