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I am an educator, author, presenter, parent, leader, and thinker with passion for removing barriers that stand on the way to human understanding and collaboration, especially in education of our youth. 

I authored Amazon’s #1 New Release in Parent Participation in Education Building Powerful Learning Environments: From Schools to Communities (2017) and dozens of education-related publications for ASCD, Education Week, Huffington Post, Getting Smart, and other entities.  I presented on school-family-community partnerships at Harvard University’s Project Zero conferences nationally and internationally and produced education television series, The Future of Learning.  I moderated TWITTER #MichEd and #HackLearning chats on partnering with families.

Over the years, I served families and educators as the President of Clarkston Community Schools’ PTA Council and Bailey Lake Elementary PTA.  Currently, I am continuing this work on Michigan PTA Leadership Development Committee. I am also the editor of Kids’ Standard Magazine and a faculty member at Mott Community College, Flint, MI.
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For inquiries and availability, click here
Conversations with educators, policy makers, parents, and students about meaningful learning.
Brian Whiston, Michigan's State Superintendent
The Future of Learning 
Interviews with leading educational experts.
Yong Zhao,  Author, Speaker, Foundations Distinguished Professor, University of Kansas   
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T​he Future of Learning Special
The Future of Learning
Visits to classrooms to capture learning
9th Grade Language Arts, Jessica Cleland,
Clarkston Community Schools
The Future of Learning is a public television show, featuring multiple aspects of a culture of thinking, student-centered learning, global competence, digital citizenship, social and emotional learning, and educational policy. 
The Future of Learning Field

Teaching and Learning

A Culture of Parnerships

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Kids' Standard
Kids' Standard Publication is a non-profit organization in Michigan - a group of parents, students, teachers, and volunteers working together for children.

Our Values: To help kids believe in themselves, learn, research, and become self-motivated learners.
Our Vision: To create an integrated community – CHILDREN, parents, educators, and other professionals – to promote creativity and lifelong learning in all children.

INSIDE: ​​​​​​​​Changing the Mindset of Education, Arina Bokas & Rod Rock
INSIDE: ​​Building a Foundation, Arina Bokas 

Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principal Association (MEMSPA) Annual Conference 2017
December 6-8, 2017

Happily Family Online Conference